Elisa García de la Huerta Shows Why Intimacy Is A Form Of Resistance. March 26, 2018. Interview by Maria Suarez for Cultura Colectiva

SHE/FOLK Interview with the Push Pops Collective by Arianne Keegan 2015

BEDFORD + BOWERY, New York Magazine, "Experimental Comics, A Munchkin Saga, and More Art This Week, Secret Garden: Female Gaze on Erotica", by Cassidy Dawn Graves JUNE 26 2017

SHE/FOLK, SHE/LORD, NOW IS THE TIME FOR SELF-CARE AND COMMUNITY CARE..January 10, 2017 featured drawing/writing 

Art511 Magazine, The Importance of Digital Detox: ON SCREEN TIME’S CYBORGIAN MALADAPTATIONS by Katie Cercone Drawings by Elisa Garcia de la Huerta 

BEDFORD + BOWERY, New York Magazine. Many Nudes, None By Dudes, at This Art Show Dedicated to the Female Gaze by Nicole Disser 2016
The New Female Front at Elephant Journal 2016 interview with Go!PushPops