Documenting my intimate present and finding ways to recycle my life residues has been a vehicle to canalize my subconscious impulses, cope with pain and find meaning to relationships, experiences and heal through making “art” or BEING ART out of urgency and anxiety. 
I search for restoring arts back to it origins where it was our way to decode and synthesized life mystery, spirituality and connection among humans and our organic world. 
Performance, analog photography, textile, video art and sound in our digital age are some of the medias I mix and experiment with: layers, veils, overexposures, cuts and fixtures; harmony & beauty in the contrast of noise & caos has been my form to draw or compose metaphors of our intimate human emotional existence. 
Audio visual poetry are my instruments to understand and deconstruct our limited believes around GENDER and SEXUALITY as my utopic <> distopic portal to freedom and power. 
Being vulnerable with hope I plant a seed for humans to come back to NATURE and their divine feminine through exploring the potential of my SPIRIT expanding conciousness through my art. 
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